Here is a first attempt at organizing the data so far. I am making some adaptations to the transcription rules and correcting them, as the transcriptions in Wikia mix diacritics with sentence marks, sometimes joining different diacritics and with different orders.

It is important to notice that the final “little ball” (not the dot, represented by ‘o’ in my transcription) and the double horizontal lines (represented by the equality symbol, =) are given by the author in the quasi-English speak of the leader. She clearly uses the first as a question mark and the second as an exclamation mark, which probably indicates that the single line is also a sentence mark. This seems to confirm that the language is written left-to-right. Her speech also gives away some vocabulary that might help deciphering Beanish, in particular “desert”.

Frame Beanish Transcription Translation
2663 dZL. Ubo (question, probably “who are you?”)
2664 dAJ. d) 7X W)N NUq(o (question, probably “what happened to your leg?”)
2668 4M 374.WS A347W)9- get (me) cream for-healing
2671 ZL. 32g27)L U 4(. ZLgq^- !
2676 374.WS A347W)9- cream for-healing
2697 Lg2 4.L “good night” or “let’s sleep”
2706 42bJ- water
2708 (Cueball) / (Cueball) 42b?-Xc^= / 42bJ- water
2712 (Cueball) (Cueball) 42b?-  water
2713 42bJ-  water
2727 (Cueball) (Cueball) 42b?-  water
2728 dXbg ZL. 34.6o cMN) b AN7 42( W3o q9 AQXb 2)9b^ 342bJo (three questions, probably “can you see the desert? you know what is happening? you know the waters are rising?”)
2734 NS)2 L)29g A)N 37cNA- We will leave for the castle.
2797 74.WS- cream
2798 (Megan) (Megan) 74.WS- cream
2802 G3)7 34cGX- / G3)7 342bJ- / 42bJ= this desert, this seas, water
2806 / / AM2 / NS)2 L7Gg4 / A)N 37cNA-Xc^- We should leave for the castle now.Ok.
2821 2JMX)- (our) city
2823 X^ A)Lb^-X^ A)Lb^- Good morningGood morning
2827 37cNA- the castle
2836 NS)2 L29g A)N 342(j- We should look for the leaders.
2841 M32-X^ A)Lb^- HelloGood morning
2842 / X^ A)Lb=AM2=/ X^ A)Lb= Good morningMy friend! good morning
2863 M32- Hello
2864 M32-M32- HelloHello
2865 ZL. 4b(2 UALMo Who are these?
2866 A)9(Lg 4.2 ZL. 34.6-Xb73)2g9 NUq(- They are from the desert.One of them is injured.
2880 U) AbWN W(2 2A7U-dG- You can leave us now.Ok
2882 M32-  Hello
2906 3W(J 34.6  Sea of-yours