From Wired ( ):

Even now, some mysteries remain. With the help of a linguist, Munroe invented a language and orthography (dubbed “Beanish” by readers) for one of the foreign cultures his characters encounter, which he wanted to be “as different from [English] as our language is from Linear A or Linear B,” the still undeciphered writing systems of ancient Crete. His abstruse approach worked; despite the efforts of “Time” superfans, no one has been able to decode the language, which Munroe finds fitting since “we haven’t cracked Linear A, either!”

Now, Randall could just be using Linear A in the general sense of “uncraked strange language”, but it could also be a further hint. Does this mean that the script is indeed syllabic and, even more, that Renil is the right road with his transliteration in CAS?

At least it confirms that the language is very different from English, as my initial investigation supported. Let’s just hope that the verbal doesn’t use an infix morphology as the verb “to go” in Beanish seems to indicate…