I have put the Beanish corpus in GitHub, so you can all clone it and play with it: https://github.com/tresoldi/beanish/blob/master/corpus.txt

It is just a copy of the previous transliteration; if I don’t get more comments on the suggestions proposed by edo, I will change the glyphs soon. Each line is a single Beanish sentence (some repeated ones are missing, I will add them later: it will be up to each research to remove duplicates), followed by a # character and a description of the sentence (currently, the frame where it is found and the probable English translation). Everything in UTF-8.

So many people have been commenting on the ᘊ- prefix, suggesting it as a determinative, an augmentative, a superlative, a comparative of majority, etc. that I wasn’t able to discover who first suggested it on the OTT. User Newfur suggested in a comment to this blog that it could be an honorific, as the Japanese o-. While not strongly supporting it, I find the translation as “big/large” with an implied comparative (meaning “bigger/larger in regard to X than the standard”) the most probable: ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ could mean “leopard”, literally “big cat/animal” (derived from an unseen *ᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ, “cat, animal”), ᘊᒣᓭᐧᖊᔑ could be the modifier in the “cream for-healing” (probably related to “health”), ᘊᓭᘖᔭᓄ could indeed be “big water”, in the sense of either “flood” or “sea”, and ᘊᓭᘖᑦᓄ could be “leader” as “great person” or even, literally, “Big Hair” (and thus we would have a new word, *ᓭᘖᑦᓄ “hair(s)”).

Finally, as I posted in the OTT, I am thinking about a new thread in the XKCD fora, one mostly about Beanish. What do you think? (btw, I probably have missed some questions on the OTT, please send me a private message or post a comment here if you want to say/ask something).