It is soon to discuss word length in Beanish, as we have just started studying the glyphs (btw, the corpus on GitHub has already been corrected and improved — the joy of the crowd!). But I can’t help discussing the particular word length distribution in Beanish.

Words in Beanish have a strong tendency to have between 3 to 5 glyphs; if we consider words between 2 to 5 glyphs, they represent 70% of Beanish words. Compare with the word-length distribution in English from Peter Norvig webpage (

oIt is not only a matter of different mean length (3.784 glyphs), but of very small standard deviation (1.427 glyphs). We will end up discussing it in the future; for the time being, I take this as a further suggestion that the script is a consonantal abugida,  even though the glyph distribution doesn’t strongly suggest it. (I know some people disagree, please discuss it in the comments, it’s the purpose of this post 😉 )