I have decided to study Big Hair’s speech in English, as people have pointed that it might be a “key”. Just had my first insight:

ImmagineIn frame 2897, she (supposedly) says “Do you carry these people with you?”. She probably intends “Did you bring any of those people with you?”, referring to the Forty.

We could make hypothesis about the reason for the past-mark-dropping, but I want to focus in the verb “to carry”. While it may sound very weird to native English speakers (for some people in the forum, it was undecipherable at first), it could be expected error from the speaker of a language that makes a different distinction between to carry/to bring, such as Italian and French. We know we are in current-day France and Randall said that Beanish was “plausible”, not to mention the fact that all Big Hair’s numbers “are too small”… maybe Beanish has French features?